Create Facebook Ads that Convert
Stop wasting time trying to figure it out yourself!
Watch this one-hour class and learn how I get conversions for under a dollar.
Stop wasting time trying to figure it out yourself!
Join this LIVE one-hour class and learn how I get conversions for under a dollar.
  • Ever wanted to set up a Facebook ad but no idea where to start?
  •  Maybe you've tried setting up ads but got lost and gave up?
  •  Want to learn how to run ads to your website visitors?
I hear ya girlfriend! Facebook ads should be easy right?! But instead, right now you probably feel like you're chucking stuff at the wall and waiting to see what sticks.

In the meantime, your money is running low, your ad costs are too high - and heck, you don't even know if you are setting your ads up right!

If that sounds like you then this is your chance to join me in in this LIVE one hour class where I show you how I set up ads and get conversions (names on email list) for clients and myself for under $1.00!

This isn’t a bunch of slides – instead, I work directly in Power Editor so you can see exactly how I do things.

Here's what we'll cover: 
  • How to run ads directly to website visitors, clients, and your email list
  •  Set up your ad sets so you get the best bang for your buck and stop wasting money
  •  Get you comfy using Power Editor so you have far more control over the ad creation process
  •  Provide guidance on setting up your ad copy and images so people want to click
  •  Show you how to split test your ad so you can see what works and what doesn’t
What Others are Saying...
"Facebook ads are working for me…. in that I’m now getting website clicks and having my CPC (cost per click) down to an average of .28c. Why? Because I did Deb Malone’s Facebook Ads Power Hour! It works! DO IT!"  ~ Kathryn Price
"Awesome session Debs. If you haven’t grabbed this deal yet then you need to. I am so excited after our session. Deb was great and helped me gain a new understanding of fb ads. Previously fb ads was in my too hard basket and something I didn’t have a clue about. I am now going to play with a few things and start my first fb ad and testing next Monday. Thanks Debs!" ~ Janine Langdon-Lee
"Just finished my power hour with Deb – wowser! So much awesome info and I’m so ready to start putting it into practice for both mine and hubbys biz! Thank you so much Deb! Also – power editor isn’t this infuriating, maddening beast anymore lol" ~ Danni Winmill
NB: This is a recording
The Investment
$47 USD / $67 NZD
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